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Ndzaba Investment Holdings is a black female-owned South African customer-centric market-leading company engaged in community and urban management services. Providing a well-rounded spectrum of project management, investment activities, corporate strategy, strategic marketing, international management, private public partnerships and digitally automated value-adding processes, the company is focused on operational efficiency, continuous improvement, cost-saving, and revenue-generating activities that save the client time and enhance the clients’ customer experience.

To excel beyond Customer Expectations every time…

To offer exceptional, proactive Project Management, Investment activities and distribution Services that maintains long sustainable relationships, capitalizing on service excellence, with peace of mind to excel.

Knowledge and social responsibility have become important instruments in attempting to bridge the gap to empower communities as well as improve the quality of life within communities. Economic focus on development of small to medium size companies and provision of business support is necessary to ensure continued existence, growth and maintenance of business.


NiH is strategically positioned to impact quality business support at different levels. This is a company of professionals with necessary business skills to impact positively on the challenges that the country faces in terms of the BEE challenges. Black economic empowerment is vital to address communities’ challenges in unemployment.

The company aspires to be a leading indigenous, professional services, trading, and distribution company that that offers more than customer excellence to its clientele. To succeed, the company must grow and develop both on a personal level and as a business. Services are tailored; the customer experience and support are specific and commitment to excellence is absolute.

  • To create a service-based, reliable company whose primary goal is to exceed customer expectations
  • To increase customers by 20% or more per year through superior performance, word of mouth referrals and proactive marketing to individual and corporate clients.
  • To develop a sustainable project management and distribution network serving middle and upmarket corporate clientele in the next five years.
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Our Values

  • Independence: Independence of thought, total integrity and trust in relationships guides the company in all its dealings with the client.
  • Excellence: Deliver what has been promised and add value beyond what is expected.
  • Teamwork: The best solutions come from working together. Effective teamwork demands strong relationships, mutual respect and sharing with each other.
  • Leadership: Leadership demands vision, courage and honour.
  • Social Responsibility: To be and remain a responsible corporate citizen. This means investing in the future of the country, its youth. Company responsibility coupled with its commitment to success equips the company to move with confidence and a sense of having made a real contribution to the transformation of society.
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Our Core Competencies

Visionary Leadership
Ethics and Integrity
Strategic and Focused
Knowledge and Innovation
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