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NiH continues to strive in establishing quality as a core competency that we excel in terms of service, reliability, and performance. The goal is to implement basic concepts such as just-in-time and total quality management to incorporate quality in all stages of our service offering. We guarantee quality service from us. Using an exact science of project management delivering within budget, scope, and on time; and accurate performance management for our clients, with prior warnings on any possible exceptions.
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Leadership Team

Distinguished executive operations and financial management professionals with internal controls systems management, skills, qualifications & experience in regional markets spanning over 15 years.

Service Guarantee

NiH continues to strive in establishing quality as a core competency that we excel in terms of service, reliability, & performance. We constantly increase our interaction channels to the latest innovative platforms.

Our Staff

We use leveraged expertise in project management, customer relationship management, and service delivery operations skills to ensure timely execution of strategic plans and performance targets.

Track Record

Our clients often recommend us for the services we offer. We have proven success propelling organizational change through the introduction of refined operations systems, software, and processes.

Our Expertise

Our Professional Team

The management and administration are run by experienced, innovative, and knowledgeable leaders. Qualified in Business Administration, accounting, and respective technical teams. Our staff and business partners are qualified in their respective trades. It is a deliberate intension intention of NiH to pass on leadership, management, and entrepreneurial skills to promising staff, to promote and partner from within. The company’s marketing and operations director excels in personal relations, she is persuasive and likeable. Our staff are is smart and neat in what they do best always, they receive compliments on their level of courtesy by our clients.
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